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Taffy Hour

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Great flavors that match mature taste buds!


Taffy Hour and Tropical Taffy is an inspiration that goes back generations.  We have always admired the pulled taffy displays in the windows of the candy stores and found an association between taffy and family vacations.   It was always a summer treat and, now we have found a way to bring that special taste to Florida through our FL Taffy Shop. The transition from old fashioned taffy to "Taffy Hour" was simple.  The cocktails flavors in Florida were rich in tropical flavors.  Those same flavors matched our margarita, pina colada, and mojito taffy recipes.  So, the beginning of the World's First Taffy Hour in our FL Taffy Shop.
Our Taffy Hour flavors offer a unique taste that is unique to Tropical Taffy. Many of these flavors are a rich tropical blend that will absolutely wow you with the sheer vividness of the taste. Whether you're a long time taffy fan, or are more casual, and just looking for a quick snack to have on the go, we're confident that you will not only enjoy our taffy from our FL Taffy Shop, but you'll be amazed at how much better our taffy tastes when compared to the grocery store variety.
Our Taffy Hour taffy is designed to pair extremely well with our all kinds of cocktail and margarita flavors. From Pirates Rum to Irish Creme and Orange Brandy, we have flavors to accommodate just any type of drink from the most exotic, to well known flavors. Our taffy is homecooked with quality that just isn't available from the store bought variety. This makes it the perfect compliment for your drink.
If you have any questions, comments, or just need help picking out the right flavor to match your drink than we can be reached in a a variety of ways depending on your preference. On our contact page you can send us an email, which we will respond to promptly. If you desire, we can also be reached directly through the phone number we have on this page. If you'd like to take a shortcut, our Florida Saltwater Taffy contact page has the information you need.

Our FL Taffy Shop -Taffy Hour Flavors:

Pirates Rum

Irish Creme

Orange Brandy

Creme de Mint


Pina Colada

Old Fashioned Burbon


Amaretto Nutty

Little Gin

Bikini Martini




If you are interested in ordering from us, have any questions, or would just like to leave a comment we are just a phone call away. Visit our Florida Saltwater Taffy Contact page which contains our phone number and email that you can reach us at. We would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our website, and we hope that you will consider our FL Taffy Shop in the future for all of your taffy needs.