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Eating Salt Water Taffy

Taffy is one of those candies that when you try one, you have to have another. Before you know it, you’ve already eaten 5 different flavors and you’re trying to decide which is your favorite.
Taffy comes in a variety of colors and tastes, from fruity, to minty, to chocolaty, and more. Strawberry, banana, cherry, key lime, vanilla, and peppermint are only a few of the great flavors we offer. This variety is great for family gifts because everyone gets to not only try something unique, but they also get a sample of their favorite traditional flavors as well. Getting a taffy gift bag is a real treat!
For anyone who is afraid of taffy hurting their teeth, our taffy is delectable and soft. It doesn’t pull and it isn’t hard. But, another secret is to simple hold the taffy in your mouth for a few seconds before chewing. Doing this, melts the taffy and makes it even tastier than before!
Being in southwest Florida, you just have to try the Neapolitan mix! Named after Naples Italy and borrowed by Naples Florida, it is a rainbow of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla - some of the greatest and most classic flavors.
Stop by our new shop at 6023 Bayshore Dr, Naples FL 34112 and make your own taffy gift bag!

Or you can shop online and get your taffy delivered right to your door!

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Sharon Kurgis
Sharon Kurgis